• Solrod Biogas Plant

    The biogas plant will be established in close cooperation with, among others, CP Kelco, VEKS, Chr. Hansen and agriculture, and in size it will correspond to the so-called centralised biogas plants in Denmark. The plant will be based on traditional and well-known biogas technology where the input material is digested anaerobically under thermophilic growth conditions, i.e. at around 52 °C. The biogas plant is designed for receiving biomass that can be spread on agricultural land after digestion.

  • Seaweed and fouling algae - from odour problem to green energy

    The story takes offset in major odour problems during summer due to seaweed washed ashore. On bad days, the odour from the fouling seaweed was felt all over the Municipality. This was the reason why the Municipality of Solrød and the homeowner associations along the beach decided to establish a beach cleaning association; since 2008 this association has tried to find an efficient solution to the problem by removing seaweed from the beach. When the biogas plant is ready for operation the seaweed in combination with other biological residues ...

  • Cleaner beach - domestic heating

    Seaweed, which is a problem on our beaches, will become an important and valuable resource for the generation of district heating for the citizens of the Municipality of Solrød. Seaweed and fouling algae are removed from the beach with special equipment. The collected seaweed is transported to Solrød Biogas Plant where the seaweed together with manure from agriculture and residues from CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen will make up the biomass input to biogas generation.

  • Exploiting our geographical location

    Thanks to the location close to the beach and the Køge Bugt motorway, the transport of biomass to the plant and from the plant to nearby farms is fast and easy; at the farms the digestate from the plant will be spread on agricultural land as a substitute for raw manure and chemical fertiliser. With a location close to the Capital of Copenhagen and a direct connection to the VEKS heat transmission company, the biogas plant will also be a fine example of how to solve the energy supply problems of the future when energy resources increasingly ...

Solrød-borgere bød kommunens nye familiemedlem velkommen

Flere end 700 borgere og interesserede benyttede lejligheden til at besøge Solrød Biogas, da Solrød Biogas holdt Åbent Hus den 12. september

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Timelapse over byggeriet

Det er gået stærkt med opførelsen af biogasanlægget, der stille og roligt rejser sig over horisonten fra den bare mark. Se videoen over en del af byggeriet og få et indtryk af byggeprocessen.